Stockdale Farm comes to Thumbs Up

On 27th February we were lucky enough to receive a visit from Stockdale farm. Stockdale farm is a not for profit organisation where animals from all walks of life are rescued, rehabilitated and adopted, and then shared with the community. In this instance, there was much excitement at Thumbs Up as Heather pulled up with a horse float and started unloading some animals out the back!

Once the animals were all set up outside, Heather brought Jack rabbit inside for cuddles. As people made their way outside they were excited to see 2 goats -Bonnie and Clyde, a pony -Pocco, and a rooster -Harold (Jill wasn’t so happy about the rooster!) Bonnie had a great time bucking up against Jill and Luke, while Clyde was a little more placid and happy to be patted. Bonnie did enjoy being up on the table giving Sacha a kiss though.

Pocco was a clear favourite, with people waiting patiently to give him a brush after he had enough with just being patted!

All in all was a very successful visit. We hope to organise visits up to Stockdale Farm with the guys on a regular basis for some animal therapy.