Remutaka Gym -March visit


14th March was our monthly trip to Remutaka Gym in Upper Hutt.

There is always lots of excitement building up to day! After an early lunch and loading up all the Thumbs Up vehicles, we left Thumbs Up at 12:30 to start our session at 1pm.

As always, the coaches had done a fantastic job of setting up all sorts of fun activities for us to try. The beam is always one that makes people a little nervous, but with a bit of encouragement everyone gave it a go. It’s always great to see the big smiles when someone is able to do something that they are a little scared of or have never wanted to try before. Melissa didn’t want to walk along the beam but was so proud when she did it that she asked for a photo for her Mum to see. Confidence is growing with every trip, so it is well worth heading out there every month for people to give things a go that they normally wouldn’t get an opportunity to try.


It’s also a great opportunity for everyone to work together and be able to help each other out. Brian is great at helping others by holding their hands as they walk along a beam or encouraging someone to try a new skill. Here he is helping Adam walk along one of the beams.

We even got to play some fun games. We started the session with finding the right colour hoops and jumping into them to warm up, and we finished the session by making pizza (pretend pizza that had all sorts of weird and wonderful toppings). All in all we had a fantastic time and can’t wait for the April trip.

*There’s lots of photos to check out in the media library of people trying different activities.