Supporters and Volunteers

We wouldn’t be able to provide the level of service without the ongoing support from our sponsors, supporters and volunteers which we are very grateful for.

If you or your business wants to be part of our exciting and amazing journey in life, please feel free to contact us.

Grants and Donations 2022-2023

  • Thomas George Macarthy Trust $10.000 towards Music Therapy
  • HCC – Petone Engagement Fund $1,250 towards a beach access Mobi-chair
  • Pub Charity – $2,609 towards the beach access Mobi-chair
  • Community Matters – Lottery Community Grants Fund $23,588 for a new roof on Thumbs Up building
  • Upper Hutt City Council – Community Grants Fund $3,000 towards cleaning costs
  • HCC – Mouri Ora Fund $4,809 towards our inclusive communications programme
  • NZDSN – Training and Workforce Development Fund $4500 for a CPI Instructor course
  • Mclean family – IT equipment

Grants and Donations 2018-2020 

  • Winton and Margaret Bear Charitable Trust $2500 towards Music Therapy
  • Rehabilitation Welfare Trust $1000 towards the Hawke’s Bay Camp
  • Hutt City Council -Creative Communities $1800 towards Naturally Creative You (2018)
  • Hutt City Council – Creative Communities $3500 towards Good Will Triumph Film (2019)
  • ANZ Staff Foundation $7000 towards Inclusive Communication
  • Infinity Foundation $5000 towards roof repairs
  • IHC Hutt Valley Association $2000 towards the Hawke’s Bay Camp
  • TG MacarthyTrust $7500 towards Music Therapy
  • Hutt Mana Charitable Trust $9000 towards Music Therapy and Community Music
  • Wellington Community Trust $8000 towards Communication and Literacy Intervention

Grants and Donations 2017-2018

  • Frozen Funds $1730 to enable our participation in the Community Ukulele Band in Moera
  • TG Macarthy $7500 towards Music Therapy and community music sessions
  • Hutt City Council -Community Engagement $616 for our Step by Step Switches
  • Infinity Foundation $3000 towards the painting of the outside of the hall
  • Hutt City Council -Community Engagement $1800 for our Naturally Creative You programme
  • Winston and Margaret Bear $2500 towards music therapy
  • Rehabilitation Welfare Trust $1000 towards the Hawkes Bay Summer Camp in January/February 2019
  • ANZ Staff Foundation $9959 towards inclusive communication therapy
  • Hutt City Council -Creative Communities $1460 enabling  us to participate in a Song Leading programme
  • Hutt City Council -Community Engagement $1100 I-pads (mini)
  • Hutt City Council -general grants $4000

Grants and Donations 2016/2017

  • Hutt Mana $4,800 towards our overnight Stay in the Wellington Zoo in October 2016
  • NZ Inclusive for $635 towards our Advanced Autism Course
  • Upper Hutt City Council (Creative Community) $1395 towards our Inclusive Story Teller
  • Petone Lions Club for $500 towards a new projector for our literacy sessions
  • Winton and Margaret Bear for $5000 towards our Music Therapist
  • Hutt City Council for $8000 towards our operating expenses
  • Infinity Foundation $5616 towards our Inclusive Communication Programme
  • Upper Hutt City Council $1000 towards our Program Support Coordinator
  • Frozen Funds $3000 towards setting up our Micro-Enterprise a Self Sustainable Art Gallery for our artists
  • Pelorus Trust has kindly donated $72,850 for a wheelchair van so we can go out and about in the community.
  • Hutt City Council for $2150 towards our Heartbeat to Heartbeat community music project
  • TG Macarthy for $7500 towards the Music Therapy
  • Infinity Foundation and Wellington Community Trust for $30,000 towards our Outward Bound course.
  • Infinity Foundation for $4197.60 towards our Inclusive Communication Programme
  • IHC parent branch Lower Hutt for their donation of $2300 towards Outward Bound

Grants and Donations 2009-2015

Ongoing Service Support



  • David Schutz – Swimming
  • Claudia Porto – Yoga
  • Phillipa Tebby – Swimming
  • Carolyn Littlefair – Gym

Please contact us if you would like to come and volunteer at Thumbs Up, we have lots of different activities and options for volunteers!


Thumbs Up Charitable Trust