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Here at Thumbs Up we are committed to using the Enabling Good Lives approach to support the needs, aspirations and on-going development of people with intellectual and/or physical disabilities. Thumbs Up does this by empowering all individuals to lead full and fulfilling lives by enabling them to have equal opportunities while being able to achieve their ambitions. We aim to ensure that all people with disabilities and their whānau can choose to increase their choices and therefore control they have in their lives. This approach makes it easier for disabled people and their families to create good lives for themselves.

We do this by using a person-centered approach enabling people to be part of their local community and actively participate in activities and things that they enjoy; learn and develop new skills; develop community and social connections while developing a sense of belonging to a community; contribute in a meaningful and positive way to their community, all while feeling valued and enjoying a sense of achievement from meeting challenges.


Thumbs Up Charitable Trust