Mid Winter Christmas Disco, 6th July 2018

After a suggestion of a disco was raised by Melissa, it was decided that the Literacy and Communication in Action groups could organise a Mid-Winter Christmas disco. With a little help, they were able to come up with a theme for the disco, a menu and a guest list, although with the confident use of the various communication tools within Thumbs Up  very little assistance was required -iPads, communication books and writing things down. There were numerous lists written, with many of the people at Thumbs Up being asked to “vote” on the date of the disco and what food they wanted, right down to choosing their favourite song to add to the playlist. Melissa and Abi led the way, and were able to organise a fantastic night of fun and laughter for friends and family. We even had some of our friends from Argo Trust come and have a dance with us too.

Here are Abi, Melissa and Miriam all dressed up and having fun.