Learning New Skills

Shannon Hennig has been working with us and teaching us sign language (NZSL) to help us communicate for quite a while. Last year one of our staff members was selected to play for New Zealand in the Men’s Roller Derby World Cup in St Louis this year (which unfortunately has had to be postponed until 2021 given the current pandemic). For this, the team do the National Anthem and the Haka -in skates!. This year the team has decided to do our National Anthem in all 3 of New Zealand’s official languages – English, Te Reo and NZSL. Seeing as Meaty is learning to do it in NZSL, she thought that it was a perfect learning opportunity for us all at Thumbs Up. It has become part of our morning routine to sing and sign the National Anthem every day. We are all at various stages in our learning, but we are having lots of fun, and it is always great to learn new things. If you would like to see what the anthem looks like with NZSL added, or would like to learn it yourself, check out this link as this is the one we are following each day National Anthem with NZSL