Drama at Thumbs Up

In our drama sessions, we like to challenge ourselves. Last year I asked the crew what they would like to create. We had been making storyboards to tell theatrical stories as performances for the last two years and presented different scripts to an audience as our Western Play and Pirate play.

We worked a process to ensure every group member had a say. We still wanted to do pirate play, write a new one, we wanted to not do a performance for an audience. I had recently done some training in how to make films on your smartphone. So I asked the group, What about making a film? This was wildly received and the rest was history.

After vast scripting and testing film locations, we finally settled on Pirate Cove in Porirua, after testing on site we have started filming and look forward to presenting at an upcoming fundraiser, we hope you will come to see our film “Coconuts” on the big screen and help us fundraise for our summer road trip. More details to come soon about that.

For now, check out the trailer for Coconuts!



Drama Facilitator