A Real Thumbs Up Triumph – Good Will Triumph

For the last three years Claire Hewitt has been working hard with the Thumbs Up drama team to produce a larger than life Western. There was a period of delay thanks to the global pandemic that we are all still dealing/coping with, but this didn’t deter anyone from moving full speed ahead as soon as we were able to tie up the loose ends and film the final scenes.

We were able to host 2 film premieres to showcase our hard work.

The first was an amazing hoedown up at Hearth Trust in Drummond Cres. They had the perfect setting with their barn for a real Western feel, and it had been one of the locations used for our film. This premiere was for the Thumbs Up crew. It was the first time that the actors had seen the culmination of their hard work, and it was a much anticipated event. You can see the highlights of the event here and see the experiences of the participants.


Our second event was a Gala Presentation hosted at the Thumbs Up hall. This was a very exciting event and we were so happy to see everybody come along and show off their hard work and talents to their friends and family as well as our extended community.  You can see highlights and photos of the event here.